“Our commitment to safety and proficiency is second to none”

UCS has the right resources - a professional and highly-trained dive team with the right equipment - to deliver a necessary service in offshore oil and gas; undertaking the jobs which are too small for the large underwater engineering companies yet too technical for the small underwater engineering companies.

UCS performs air and mixed gas and saturation (SAT) diving operations for the offshore sector with special focus on SBM and pipeline structures.

Our experiences in the offshore industry include the successful disconnection and reconnection of a SBM in deep water without the use of large crane barges or offshore vessels by the building and installing a special tank buoyancy system.

SBM Services

SBM Services SBM Services SBM Services

UCS specializes in innovative SBM maintenance solutions. UCS has built a special tank buoyancy system to keeps chains and risers floating during disconnection of SBMs for replacing or dry docking.

Some of the repairs conducted by UCS include:

  • Disconnection and connection of a 6 chain 500t SBM
  • Replacing jumpers and valves
  • Replacing manifolds
  • Replacing risers
  • Replacing shock absorbers chains and main shackles
  • Blast and Paint king posts
  • Cleaning anchor blocks with pumps and water jet (65 m)
  • NDT inspections (65 m)

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Services Pipeline Services Pipeline Services

UCS has a proven track record in laying and repairing pipelines in steel, concrete and PVC.

Our specialties include:

  • Search and find pipelines with pingers
  • Dredge free pipelines
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Repair of damaged pipelines dry or wet
  • Repair of pipelines by us of clamps (pressure type)
  • Epoxy repairs
  • Epoxy anti corrosives
  • Anode installations

Non Destructive Inspections

Non Destructive Inspections Non Destructive Inspections Non Destructive Inspections

UCS provides MPI, ultrasonic testing and thickness gauge measurement and readings.

With experienced staff and qualifications, UCS offers the following NDT services:

  • HP and UHP water jetting and slurry blasting
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Thickness gauge readings
  • MPI inspections

ROV and Side Scan Surveys

ROV and Side Scan Surveys ROV and Side Scan Surveys ROV and Side Scan Surveys

UCS is certified to offer our clients the following survey services:

  • ROV (inspection configured ‘SeaEye Falcon’)
  • Sides scan survey of seabed, pipelines, wreck, search

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