Underwater Cofferdams and Blankings Underwater Cofferdams and Blankings Underwater Cofferdams and Blankings

A cofferdam is an underwater enclosure constructed to displace water with air for the purpose of creating a dry work environment for underwater repairs.

UCS has a proven track record of excellence in the construction and use of cofferdams for inserts and pen mount repairs. Cofferdams are fixed to the structure by wet-welding or clamps and a dry space is created usings valves for a safe attachment to the hull. From the inside coded welders work in dry space which is the same environmental conditions as if in a dry dock to weld the inserts.

  • Closed cofferdams
  • Double function cofferdams for dry entry
  • Purpose built habitats for dry entry
  • Flexible Kevlar banks and magnetic blanks
  • Blanking for sea intake and overboard discharge pipes
  • Blanking of thrusters tunnels for internal inspection seal replacement or repairs

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